Wednesday, September 9, 2009

November = Native American Heritage Month

So, Native American Heritage Month is sneaking up on us! How better to celebrate than to redesign a poster for the presenters of the month's activities (unbeknownst to Truman's Multicultural Affairs Center)? Yes, we are required to use the nasty yellow/orange pantone color displayed in the first draft of my poster. I wanted to illustrate a graphic using something I had not done before, so I watercolored a few ears of Indian corn, scanned them into photoshop, set a monotone with the orangish color, posterized the picture, and then gave it a feathery edge to avoid the bleed issue. Here's what I've come up with so far. I wanted a somewhat symmetrical layout and I think that is achieved with the 5 column grid and the centered illustration. My concept was "yield a harvest of culture". I'm not exactly sure if it makes sense. I even had to read it a few times to convince myself that it was a correct use of words. Anyway, I wanted to have a headline that convinced people to grasp the culture of native americans. Native Americans had to learn to grow corn, and once they did, they really prospered from it. I'd like to think that if a person were to learn the culture of Native Americans, they would have a similar experience, and possibly prosper somehow from that knowledge.

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  1. Hi Erin,
    Overall, the layout is pale. I like the illustration idea of the corn but it needs to be developed further. I would try rotating it 108 degrees and point the ears up.You have a hierarchy issue. The bulk of the headline is the same size and typeface as the Subhead of what the event is. You need to dangle all of the events copy from the same base line. Don't stagger them. This will give you more room for the illustration to do its job. The illustration needs more visual weight. Using it in the monochrome yellow color washes it out too much. Avoid too much overlapping of the info on top of that nice illustration you spent so much time on. Get the idea?