Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Joe 6 Pack In-the-Making

I went through a lot of different names, themes, and design choices with this project. First off, I knew I wanted to make a 6-pack of beer. The next thing to decide on was a concept. My first thought was to base my beer around an Irish theme, because my birthday is on St. Patty's Day, and the project had to include our name in either the name of the company or the beer. My first name choices were the following:

Semple's St. Patty's Day Barley Pop
Erin-Go-Barley Pop (Erin Go Bragh)
Erin's Emerald Isle Barley Pop
Erin' Emerald Isle Brew
Erin's Emerald Isle Oat Soda
A Semple Ginger Ale
A Semple Solution
Erin Go Bragh's Ginger Haired Ale
and finally I decided to use my nickname and landed on...Stump's Ginger Shandygaff

My idea was to have Irish related things, such as shamrocks, pots of gold, lots of green, etc..., however I decided to completely turn my beer over to another, or "gingers", hence the name "Ginger Shandygaff", with Ireland's flag colors: green, white and orange. I wanted to have argyle in the design somehow, and ended up making the label for the beer bottles in the shape of a diamond from the argyle pattern I created.

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