Monday, December 7, 2009

Viscom Final Portfolio

For Joe 6-pack, I designed a 6-pack of beer (mixed with ginger ale), called Ginger Shandygaff. I was going for a textured, rough kind of look, and also used a red-headed young man to bring out the "ginger" in the ginger ale beer.
The entire design, laying out of, and crafting took approximately 11 hours.

To promote the Red Barn Arts & Crafts Festival, I used a picture I had taken of a young boy walking along a line of pumpkins. My concept was "follow the pumpkin trail", considering pumpkins were everywhere at the festival. I wanted the typography to be bold and have a modern feel, which I think came through well.
The entire design of the Red Barn campaign including the poster, web banner, newspaper ad, and brochure took approximately 18 hours.

We had to shoot our own photography for a magazine article titled "Time In the Woods". I wanted to do a one-column grid structure centered, just to try it, and I think it works pretty well for this article. The color scheme worked well also I believe, with all of the pictures being woodsy and warm colored.
To shoot the photography needed, design, and layout this spread, it took approximately 5 hours.

To promote Society of Illustrators' Call for Entries, I designed a mailer, which doubles as a poster. I went with the concept of illustrating your senses. Basically I wanted a "sensual" feeling, and I feel that the poster referring to PDA comes across this way to match the concept. The design, layout, and craft of Society of Illustrators took approximately 8.5 hours.

Using a professional photograph of our choice, we had to create a 2-page magazine spread. I chose a photograph of a golden lion tamarin, so I decided a National Geographic article would go well with the picture. I like the grid structure I used here because it's simple, yet it turned out looking somewhat professional.
This spread took 4 hours to design.

This was a magazine advertisement for Rapala Crankbait Lures. I used an image that I had in my own stock of photographs. I like this layout because of the text wrap on the main image and the graphic on the top right page. I think the graphic adds a little more of an "ad" feel.
This magazine advertisement took approximately 4 hours to design and layout.

This was a magazine spread for an article containing lots and lots of body copy! I used a stock image of a curly fry and wrapped the text around it. I had issues with placing the orange box of information on the right page, but I think the spot it ended up in turned out well.
This magazine spread took approximately 4.5 hours to design and layout.

We had to create an audiobook for a book of our choosing. I chose to design packaging and a CD label for the audiobook for To Kill A Mockingbird. My concept was the design the packaging so that it would unfold and look like a bird, and the CD would be a target, taking on the literal meaning of "killing a mockingbird".
The entire design, layout, and crafting of the audiobook took approximately 7.5 hours.

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