Thursday, October 8, 2009

Finally! Fishing Final!

For the Rapala revision, I moved the focal image from the right page to the left page to interact with more text. I separated some key information about joining the Rapala fishing club from the main body copy, and created a little visual interest on the top right of the page. The bottom right of the page is blank now, but I think the negative space is OK, and gives it a little breathing room. Anyway, here's the final Rapala!

1 comment:

  1. This one has made some good progress, with a nicely done little graphic flare at the top of the right page. Fix a couple of things. Yes, you have too much negative space on the bottom. Drop the two columns on the right page down about three lines each. This will reflow the text and even out the columns in length. You can then drop the sidebar element at the top off the top edge of the page. It is too tight to the top at the moment. The wrap around lure between the columns - don't angle this lure - just drop it in there horizontally. I think the angle on this one takes away from the angled lure in the sidebar.