Monday, October 12, 2009

Tamarin Attempt #2

Here are my revisions. For the spread I chose to zoom in on the face of the monkey and make the spread look more "National Geographic" because that's the magazine I imagine an article such as this one being in.
This is the revision on the magazine ad. I recreated the logo for "Helping Hands", an organization that trains monkeys and gives them to handicapped people as service animals. I turned the headline to grayscale to help the logo not seem too out of place (color-wise). *Still needs text.

Annnd, this is the revision on the poster. I think I could use another image in the negative space on the left. I tried to make the event a little more serious than just students playing with tamarin monkeys on the quad. I figured it could be an event to promote the awareness of endangerment of this species.

What do you think?

1 comment:

  1. These are much improved. Amazing what a different cropping can do for an image. The Monkey business ad is improving but still needs work. Reduce in size the wheelchair photo to the same height as the pull quote and tie them together at the same location of the pull quote. Let the copy jump over the two elements. It still looks like an article, not an ad. You aren't just informing in an ad, you are selling. What are you selling? - INDEPENDENCE for disabled people.

    National Geographic layout looks good. Text is a bit tight on the bottom margin.

    The poster is looking good too. Can't read the "to save them" text.